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Product Design/ entrepreneurship

Orient App

A Self-Guided Tour App for Everyone.

  • Officially endorsed by UC San Diego and the San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF), the app was shipped and acquired by a local start-up company in 2021.
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Product Design/ toB Product Internship

Internal Tool

Design For Efficiency | ByteDance DevOps Platform

  • Integrated a new computational resource monitoring module into original platform, increasing CSAT score from 67.2% to 86%.
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inclusive design challenge
Conversational Design/ side project

Voice-Forward experience for disabled users using autonomous vehicle

Ongoing project sponsored by the US DOT Inclusive Design Challenge

  • We provide disabled users control of their ride experience through voice commands and Conversational UI to use autonomous cars independently.
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Vaeline design challenge banner
Packaging Design, UIUX/ Kellogg Design Challenge

Vaseline Sustainability Packaging

Sponsored by Unilever and IDEO.

  • Implicitly nudges users to reduce 100% single used plastic through sustainable packaging design and an integrated digital shopping experience.
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chase a11y
Accessibility Critique and Redesign/ class project

Reimagine accessibile Chase app

Tested using VoiceOver & Annotate Design with Accessibility Bluelines.

  • Current Chase app “Snapshot” feature is centered around data visualizations and creates disabling situations, depriving users of equitable access to information and the sense of financial independence.
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UX Research/ Industry Collaboration

Diabetes Design Initiative (DDI)

Dexcom Inc.

  • Researched on Type 1 diabetic patients' day-to-day experience, and improved Continuous Glucose Monitoring(CGM) Device usability.
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Product Design/ internship

Nanome Inc.

3D User Interation & UX Intern

  • Learn current workflow and pinpoints of med-chemist in 2D workspace; Practice design mythologies in Virtual Reality environment.
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a11y medium post
Accessibility Writing/ Medium Post

UX Collective Writer

Coffee chat with designers pushing the boundry of accessibilty.

  • Selected by UX Collective with 435K followers on Medium.
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Illustration/ for fun


My Creative Doodling Space.

  • I started a 100 doodle challenge for fun, but it turns out to be more. Wacom sketch pad is my buddy and my life is the inspiration.

    Follow my ins account if you want to see how it goes :)
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3D Modeling/ for fun

3D printed wearable Finger to Unlock your iPhone?

A Behavioral Test.

  • I made a 3D wearable finger with fingerprint and thorns using Blender. Then, I wore it on campus to conduct an intriguing behavioral test on topic of tech distrust.
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Sensor & Hardware/ for fun

Smart Mug that leverages situational awareness to address cognitive disabilities and beyond.

An Arduino water level sensor + 3D printing project.

  • A mug that better inform you based on the amount liquid left. This can be meaningful for memory impaired users to take medicine, or can be an everyday self-reminder for too much caffeine/alcohol intake.
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PyGame + OpenCV/ for fun

Webcam blue item tracker

Real-time webcam tracking blue objects by setting the threshold, and left other distractions in dark.

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