My Work Says Hi

It spans multi-platform design, UX research, illustration, 3D modeling, sensor & hardware.

Product Design/ side project

Xplore App

A Self-Guided Tour App for Everyone.

  • A self-touring Andriod App featuring tour customization, informativeness, and high accessibility.

    Officially endorsed by UC San Diego and the San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF). Released on Google Play Store.
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UX Research/ partnered with industry

Diabetes Design Initiative (DDI)

A Design Lab & Dexcom Inc. UX Research Project.

  • Researched on Type-1 Diabetes patients’ day-to-day experience, and improved Continuous Glucose Monitoring Medical Device usability.
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UX Research/ internship

Nanome Inc.

As 3D User Interation & UX Intern

  • Learn current workflow and pinpoints of med-chemist in 2D workspace; Practice design mythologies in Virtual Reality environment.
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Illustration/ for fun


My Creative Doodling Space.

  • I started a 100 doodle challenge for fun, but it turns out to be more. Wacom sketch pad is my buddy and my life is the inspiration.

    Follow my ins account if you want to see how it goes :)
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3D Modeling/ ICAM project

3D printed wearable Finger to Unlock your iPhone?

A Behavioral Test.

  • I made a 3D wearable finger with fingerprint and thorns using Blender. Then, I wore it on campus to conduct an intriguing behavioral test on topic of tech distrust.
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Sensor & Hardware/ ICAM project

Smart Coffee Cup that knows your limit,

An Arduino + water level sensor project.

  • A coffee mug that has situated awareness of the amount liquid left, and gives feedback indicated by LCD character display to user if he/she had drunk too much coffee.
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PyGame + OpenCV/ ICAM project

Webcam blue item tracker,

undistracted by other color noise.

  • Real-time webcam tracking blue objects by setting the threshold, and left other distractions in dark.
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Product Design/ student leader

Leading Triple C Product Design Community

at the largest project-based incubator in UCSD.

  • Oversaw ~10 projects per quarter and outreached industry partners for early carrer workshops and design critiques.
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Product Design/ side project

The Flyer Fighter Website

A Flyer Digitalization Website Platform.

  • FlyerFighter’s inspiration came from UCSD CSE 110: a collective platform that makes distributing flyers and reaching the event info to the audience more efficiently and effectively.
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Yiwen Hou

User Experience Enthusiast.


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