Yvonne Hou

I’m a product designer and accessibility advocate.

Building inclusive and empowering solutions,
backed by user research.

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Currently, I am a product designer at Cisco, Enterprise Networking and Cloud ENUX team.
I graduated Aug 2022 from Master of Human Computer Interaction (MHCI)
at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.

Previously, I was 2020 UC San Diego graduate majored in Cognitive Science
& researched in Design Lab under Professor Steven Dow.

My past experience interning at ByteDance Meta Enterprise Design (MED) team fueled my love to create efficient toB products / internal tools and work around complex problem spaces.
Also, I interned as 3D user interaction designer at Nanome Inc., designing VR experience for scientists.

I position myself as a T-shape product designer with an extra lens in accessibility.
That also sharpen my ability to design for users who are distant to what I know, which is a transferable skill to other complex problems domains as well.

Yiwen Hou

User Experience Enthusiast.


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Tel: +1 (858)471-6550

Drop me an email: yiwenhou@andrew.cmu.edu

I am located at: San Diego, CA